Who We Are?

The Nortons Story

Norton’s owner, Patrick Kuhn, was once employed as a foreman in a panel beating shop. To make an extra penny, he started panel beating for private clients after hours in his backyard in Bonteheuwel.

In 1980, Patrick resigned from his day job and put all his energy into his panel beating business. Unable to get a bank loan as a black entrepreneur, Patrick bought a wrecked car, fixed it and sold it at a profit. With this money he rented a business premises and registered his business in the same year.

Sticking to strict business principles, Nortons Auto Services started small and grew slowly but surely, while maintaining a reputation of quality service – which Patrick considers the best marketing tool.

In addition to using only recognised dealer parts, and working with reputable dealers and insurance companies, Patrick registered his business with the South African Motor Body Association (SAMBRA) in 1987. SAMBRA rated Nortons as a Major Structural Repairer, which is the highest SAMBRA rating.

Now one of the biggest panel beating companies in the Western Cape, Nortons Auto Services began as a modest enterprise fuelled by one man’s dream.

Community Involvement

The Nortons team understands humble beginnings, and is therefore passionate about uplifting the community.

Nortons has undertaken a social initiative to train disadvantaged people in the community in the art of automotive body repair.

The Nortons training school offers learnerships and short courses to equip students – especially those who did not have the opportunity to finish their schooling – so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

Our Core Values

At Nortons, Quality is the watch word and each client is treated like they are the only one. That is why the business has built a sterling reputation overt the past 30 years, making Nortons one of the top auto body repair service in the country.